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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Trainer, Facilitator


At 14 years of age, I was instrumental in setting up my school's junior debating society. At 17, I was chair of its senior Debating Society. Since that time I have addressed many hundreds of meeting and events in the UK and around the globe, on issues ranging from politics, social affairs and young people to travel and tourism. My speeches have taken me before audiences of up to 20,000, to illegal street meetings and clandestine conferences, to the Royal Albert Hall, prisons, rural huts in the Tropics and swanky hotels, to award presentations and honouring India's Zamorin king.


In 2016 I was made an Honorary Doctor in Philosophy (DPhil hc) by London Metropolitan University, mainly on account of 10 years delivering lectures and seminars to social work, nursing and health students You can listen to the speech here. In 2001, I was Honorary Teaching Fellow, Birkbeck College School Of Management, University of London in regard to football governance.


In 2006/7, I worked as a presenter/writer for Channel 4's 'The Insider' series. I first appeared on television as National Chair of the Labour Party Young Socialists in the Labour Party election Youth Broadcast during 1979. Since then I have been interviewed for many programmes, including Woman's Hour, the Today Programme, Breakfast TV, the Victoria Derbyshire show, News at 10, Sky News, BBC News, Granada’s Upfront series, in Stush, Kilroy, on Parliament TV and on TV in India and Jamaica on a range of issues including politics, social care, racism, football governance, tourism,education, gypsies and travellers and policing. I presented BBC Radio Merseyside’s award-winning programme Golly in the Cupboard (see the Broadcast section).

Current Topics covered:


  • Social Care
  • Disadvantaged Young People
  • Adolescent Trauma
  • Youth Collective Empowerment
  • Education 
  • Co-operatives
  • Credit Union Development
  • Football Governance
  • Travellers' Rights 
  • Combatting Racism
  • Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • The American Civil Rights Movement
  • Kerala Travel
  • Referral & Social Media Marketing
  • National Child Sex Abuse Inquiry
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking

"Diamonds are not grown in flower nurseries but developed through years of pressure underground. Young people surviving care are diamonds.


“And diamonds do not appear all polished and shiny. You see a glint and then the task is to polish it. That way you will see the glint turn into a sparkle and the sparkle into a jewel.


Phil in 2006 speaking to young people in care.

Public Speaking / Lectures include:


  • Asian Resource Centre (Birmingham)

  • Aimhigher Greater Manchester

  • Aimhigher Greater Merseyside

  • Barnardo's

  • Barton Moss Secure Unit

  • Birkbeck College

  • Birmingham City Council

  • Bradford University

  • British Association of Social Workers

  • British Psychological Society

  • Buttle Trust

  • Cardiff University
  • Children's Society

  • Co-operatives North West

  • The Co-operative Group
  • Edinburgh University
  • Essex County Council

  • Exeter University
  • FC United of Manchester
  • Football Supporters Federation
  • Goldsmiths College

  • Haldane Society

  • HM Prison Altcourse

  • HM Prison Manchester

  • Huddersfield University

  • Hunterscombe Youth Offenders Institute

  • Independent Children’s Homes Association

  • International Federation of Social Workers

  • Kenworthy's Chambers

  • Lambeth Council

  • Leigh Day Solicitors
  • Lincolnshire Credit Union
  • London Metropolitan University

  • Manchester City Council

  • Manchester Metropolitan University


  • National Teaching Advisory Service

  • National Commissioning & Contracting Conference

  • Newington Credit Union
  • North Yorks Council

  • Oxford University
  • Pakistan TUC

  • Plunketts

  • Rochdale College

  • Salford Council

  • Salford University

  • Scottish Children's Hearings Training Conference

  • Separation & Reunion Forum

  • Sharwoods

  • Social Services Inspectorate

  • Southport Against Racism
  • Spice Travel (India)

  • Spurgeons (UK)

  • Suffolk University
  • Time For Children  

  • Trade Union Congress

  • Trafford Council

  • UK Credit Unions

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