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Welcome to Phil Frampton.co.uk

 Phil Frampton D.Phil h.c.

This site will tell you about my background and the services I offer.


My approach to freelance work derives from many years of self employment across a spectrum of interconnecting fields that feed each other. As a result I can offer an experienced, measured, prompt and engaging service for your organisation in the fields of:



I have an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from London Metropolitan University and previously was an Honorary Teaching Fellow at the University of London (Birkbeck College). I am also a Director of Co-operative Business Consultants.


For more detail regarding my service offer and experience, please click on the tabs above or email phil@philframpton.co.uk


Bring Back the Orphanages - The Insider, Channel 4

Read more on this programme here.

Watch the video here.

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Forced Child Adoptions Apology Campaign Goes to Parliament in 2012

and in 2013 to BBC Breakfast TV.and North West Tonight


Rosemundy - BBC TV News (2012) on the plight of unmarried mothers who gave birth in secret at Rosemundy House in St Agnes, Cornwall.


The Crying Shame - BBC Radio - the fate of many unmarried mothers in the 50s and 60s - the English Magdalene Laundries (2012)


Community Care Magazine article Bring back the Orphanages - how the German model might show the way forward for the UK. (2011)


Suzi Hoffman Desert Island Disks on Salford City radio interviews me about my life. Jan 2011.

Presenter of 'The Insider' Channel 4 TV "Bring back the Orphanages" March 2007.  See the full video here.

"Wicked" Interview with Jilly Cooper Community Care Magazine June 2006

Tracy Beaker - Interview with Jacqueline Wilson. Guardian Society 23 March 2005


Tamic Publications Limited for The Golly in the Cupboard.


Radio 4 "Making a Stand" interview with Fergal Keane (2005)

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