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My market research consultancy over the last 15 years has included report writing, project management, preparing qual and quant presentations, moderating focus groups, depths for qual and quant (face to face/tele, business to business and consumer), preparing simaltoes, business development, value laddering techniques etc.


I have worked on many projects including: health, smoking cessation, mail order, royal mail, public transport, airlines, financial products, public utilities, retail, newspapers, radio, academia, ethnic minorities, Connexions, housing, employment, museums, tourism, sport, policing, environmental issues, voluntary organisations etc.


A Research Associate at Birkbeck College, I was co-author of its published paper, “Fresh Players, New Tactics (Football Governance Research Centre, University of London, 2001)

Being of mixed race origin, I have specialised in research regarding ethnic minorities, a challenging but exciting area. I am published on the issue of Afro-Caribbeans in the UK and Financial Products.


I have experience researching the needs of users of many Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) especially regarding young adults, hard to reach groups and of healthcare professionals in regard to behaviour change.


I have delivered behaviour change research for many Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) regarding the needs of a wide range of service users and service providers/healthcare professionals.


This consultancy has, to date involved 18 PCTs across the country, the Healthcare Commission, Faculty of Health and NICE on behaviour change research projects. These have entailed moderating of focus groups and depth interviews with service users, professionals, the disabled and hard-to-reach groups, in particular on smoking cessation, alcoholism, obesity and behaviour change management. I have also carried out research consultancy on NHS change, Health Inequalities, website usage, disability access, A & E usage, and improving PCT facilities.


The high profile research on smoking cessation for various PCTs and NICE was part of the drive to increase the numbers of successful quitters particularly among the young and hard to reach groups. A significant part of the research was focussed on PCT web-based support for smokers considering quitting and for PCT smoking cessation teams.

I worked on the upgrading of Central Manchester Hospitals’ website, which involved focus groups and respondent usage studies. I additionally carried out research for the Healthcare Commission on ease of public usage of its website, which involved online focus groups.


Business Development

In recent years, I have used my extensive research consultancy and journalistic experience to develop my offer in terms of Business Development. Much of this work has been in assisting co-operative businesses to develop.Since 2015 I have been delivering marketing consultancy to 40 credit unions as part of a 4 year programme of training. 

Between 2006 and 2016, I delivered PR consultancy for Football Club United of Manchester, establishing new effective events and fundraising schemes, including its annual Youth United Day, People United Day and international Minithon fun run.

From 2010, much of my work focussed on community engagement as the club sought to build its own stadium. I was an integral part of the initial roll out team for its ground-breaking £2million Community Share scheme. Latterly I set up its regular Meet the Neighbours events to link local organisations with the work of the club.

Other co-operatives I have worked for recently include The Co-op Group Enterprise Hub (2010-14), Co-operatives North West, Co-operative Business Consultants, Substance, Inspire Forum and Bankley Studios. In the charitable field, I have delivered consultancy for Keep Britain Tidy, the ACE Centre and several smaller charities.

Prompted by the crises at the Co-operative Group and Bank, since 2014, I have been a principal organiser of the 150+ strong annual national Ways Forward conferences for co-operatives, promoting urgently needed fresh thinking, open debate and innovation amongst co-operative businesses. Guest speakers have included a former Chief Executive of the Group, Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato, bank executives, a Forbes feature writer and firefighters union leader, Matt Wrack. More here.

Between 2001 and 2003, I held the post of Marketing Consultant for Omnis Group Limited, successfully developing their PR, and client-oriented conferences, leading to a major increase in sales, and a client-base in three quarters of Britain’s Police forces. In addition, I sourced a partner for the software and project management training group, which led to its merger with Public Sector Consultants Ltd.


I have additionally delivered PR contracts for the Disability Rights Commission, Ponti’s, the London-based Italian restaurant chain, Turquoise PR, Chopin Bar and Iguana Bar.


Business Development & Research Client list includes:


  • Barclays Bank

  • Broadcasting Consultants

  • Business & Market Research (HI Europe)

  • Central Manchester and Manchester Teaching Hospitals

  • Ci Research

  • Co-operative Business Consultants

  • Co-operative Group (Enterprise Hub)

  • Confer

  • Crucible

  • Disability Rights Commission

  • Dreamwall

  • FC United of Manchester

  • Dr Foster Intelligence

  • Harris Europe

  • Iguana Bar

  • Informer Research

  • Keep Britain Tidy

  • Littlewoods

  • Manchester University

  • MHi Publications

  • MORI

  • Mail on Sunday

  • NHS Nottingham City

  • Oldham College

  • Omnis Group

  • Opinion Leader Research

  • Pegram Walters

  • Ponti Ltd

  • Public Sector Consultants

  • Royal Mail

  • Salford University

  • Society for Storytellers

  • Substance

  • Susie Fisher Group

  • The Research Business International

  • TNS

  • Turquoise PR

  • University of London

  • Voodoo Research

  • Worcestershire County Council

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